Modern Bathroom Cabinets

effectsloungeSeptember 25, 2014
White Colour Bathroom Cabinet
Bath tub, shower and closet are a part of the bathroom—but don’t you feel there is something left? Yet, bathroom cabinet it is. It is not less important in bathroom since we can store the bathing stuffs over here like clean towels, soap, hair treatments, toothpaste, and some medication. While people see it as a […]

Television in the Bathroom: Why Not?

effectsloungeSeptember 25, 2014
Seura Bathroom television Natural Design
Entertainment is not only got in the living room or bedroom where you can watch TV. In this modern days, there are more and more people who place the living room in the bathroom. TV can somehow also add the luxury point of your bathroom and can be made as the alternative to decorate your […]

Tiles Flooring Inspiration

effectsloungeSeptember 24, 2014
Artistic Flooring Tiles Design
What is offered by flooring is not only the cover for the ground of the interior of the house. It is one interesting point in the interior design. There are many kind of flooring you can choose, depends on your need, want and surely the budget. From all kinds of flooring, tile flooring is one […]

Fresh and Natural Ambiance Brought by Interior Swimming Pool

effectsloungeSeptember 24, 2014
Modern Design interir Swimming Pool
Being closer to the nature can be realized by designing the house equipped with the interior design that can give fresh air and resembles the nature. This time, it is not about the garden full of plants or airy room; it is about interior swimming pool built inside your house. The outdoor swimming pool might […]

Cool Lighting to Decorate Your Interior

effectsloungeSeptember 23, 2014
Unique Lighting Ideas
Lighting is a part of an interior design we cannot be taken for granted. It will perfect the furniture you have chosen carefully. Some room are going to require different lighting from the other rooms—depend on the function and the ambiance want to be given. The cool lighting must neither be too bright or dark. […]

Ideas of Attractive Country House

effectsloungeSeptember 23, 2014
Wraparound porch Country House
If you are thinking on building a new house but still have no idea on what design you should do, try to take a look on country house design. It looks simple, comfy and also attractive. Some people view that country house looks old-fashioned so they tend to avoid this kind of house design. Actually, […]

Cabinets Ideas for Modern Bathroom

effectsloungeSeptember 22, 2014
Wonderful White Bathroom Cabinet
Bathroom comes in numerous variation of designs and colors. Often, bathroom style goes well with the whole concept of a house. And modern bathroom is one popular style that people are always looking for. Starting from the flooring, walls, bathtub, lighting until cabinets are given modern touch. Bathroom cabinet itself is must-have items to store […]

Luxurious Touch in Bathroom with a Television

effectsloungeSeptember 22, 2014
Wonderful  Gray Tiled Shower Stall with Cherry Wood Vanity Best Design
Remodeling bathroom can be a tricky job to do as we want to match the interior of the bathroom with the whole look of your house – either it is contemporary look, simply stylish look or even luxurious one. And nowadays, luxurious bathroom seems to get more attention as it considers of adding a television […]

Interesting Tile Floors for Your House

effectsloungeSeptember 20, 2014
Best Type Floor Tile Ideas
One important aspect of a house that cannot be separated from the whole look of your house is the design of the floor. As the base of a house, floor comes in many different designs and colors that you can choose based on your preference. And one of the most popular floor designs is tile […]

Combining Nature and Sporty Feels through an Indoor Swimming Pool in Your House

effectsloungeSeptember 18, 2014
Great Decoration Indoor Swimming Pool
Nowadays, people with all their busy activities are trying to maintain their health by doing sports as it has been promoted in many media. The habit of doing sports is everywhere to be found as many fitness centers has opened. Yet, you can also get a sporty feels inside your house by building an indoor […]